Newsletter June 2013

Newsletter  – June 2013  

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This is one of the Association’s concerns that properties of the same site valuation are not being rated the same. This does not demonstrate Equity and Fairness.

We have submitted to Council a suggestion that they establish Principles and Rules for General Rates as genuine rate reform.  Currently, the City has 45 different rating categories which are generating a real mess that has no apparent reasoning.  The following is our suggestions to consider in rate reform:

  1. All properties of the same site valuation should be rated the same regardless of location within the City.
  2. Non Owner occupied premises should be charged a fixed surcharge over and above Owner Occupied premises (e.g. 7% or 10%) that should be consistently applied across the City area.
  3. Vacant Blocks in City Streets should be on a similar tariff to adjacent developed blocks until site usage changes away from that tariff.
  4. Waterfront and Dry City Blocks of the same site valuation should be rated on the same tariff.

Urgent Call for Help

The Association is trying to increase its membership and we are looking at a doorknock programme to achieve this increase.  We are seeking volunteers to door knock homes in their street or local area and this is an area where many hands can make light work.

If you are able to assist then e-mail your offer to or ring George on 3821 3407.


This Association strives hard to achieve better outcomes for the residents of Raby Bay.  It is a tireless job but we have achieved some real reductions in General Rates and Levies for our residents.  Over the years, our rates have been reduced and we have managed to have our Council establish a policy of Convergence Ratio where residential properties pay no more than three times the General Rates of the lowest.

Support your Raby Bay Ratepayers Association to show our strength and come to the meetings.

Are Councils Legal?

Are Councils Legal?

Work site for canal revetment wall rectification work

Here are some of George’s pictures taken at previous work sites in Raby Bay

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Raby Bay Rates

Read a recent article in Bayside Bulletin regarding the latest rates in Raby Bay here

Raby Bay Canal Sweeping Campaign

Tenacity pays off – Action on the Park

After several years of persistently raising issues and concerns with Council about the state of our foreshore park, our Parks and Gardens Subcommittee convenor Denise Foote has received an indication that Council is moving towards upgrading this popular community space.

Nearby residents have been consistently disappointed with the apparent lack of care and concern for their local park – hardly a good advertisement for Raby Bay, Cleveland, or the Redlands.

The good news is that Council have applied for federal funding to carry out the badly-needed work.  We wish them success with their bid.  Thanks Denise for your constant attention to this lifestyle facility.

See a copy of the letter here.

News – Emergency repairs to canal walls required.

See the story at the Bayside Bulletin’s website.

Welcome to new committee members at the AGM

Welcome to the New Year 2010 for Raby Bay Ratepayers Association specially the new members.   Applications are still coming in but we have passed the 200 mark which is great news.

On Monday 8thFebruary, the Association held its Annual General Meeting for 2009.  The Committee Executive were elected for 2010  Returning to the committee are:-

President:  James Mardon
Vice President:  Bill Vallance
Secretary:  Denise Foote
Committee Members:  Garry Brell, George Harris, Doug Cox

We welcome our newly elected committee members:

Treasurer:  Steve Tsimos
Committee Members:  Alan McGirvan, Pam Holley

The Committee would like to echo the resolution of the meeting in thanking departing Treasurer Jan Proctor for her tireless and effective role as Treasurer to the Association over many years.

The next big event will be the Rates Rally at the Concert Hall on 29th March – see you there.

February General Meeting and AGM – 4 Feb 2013


The Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held in the Volunteer Marine Rescue Raby Bay premises, William St. Cleveland at 7.30 pm on Monday 4 February 2013.

Nomination forms for Committee will be available on the night.

A General Meeting will precede the AGM with current issues being addressed.

Your General Rates and Canal Levies are out of control as well as indiscriminate spending by the Redland City Council.


AMOUNT PAYABLE – $10 per household


Redland City Council – Rates Process Public Consultation

The Redlands City Council have begun a process of reviewing the manner in which our municipal rates are calculated and apportioned.  The first step was a public information session held on Friday December 4, 2009 to provide education on the current process. Here is a copy of the Council’s press release:  InfoSessionOnRating

Thanks to all those members who attended and registered their interest in participating in the follow-on activities early in the NewYear.

Thanks also to committee member George Harris whose determined activity under the banner of Redland Rate Reform Group has in large measure brought about the review.

We now need all high-value propery-owners across the city to give support to George in his quest to have a fairere rating system in the Redlands.