Welcome to new committee members at the AGM

Welcome to the New Year 2010 for Raby Bay Ratepayers Association specially the new members.   Applications are still coming in but we have passed the 200 mark which is great news.

On Monday 8thFebruary, the Association held its Annual General Meeting for 2009.  The Committee Executive were elected for 2010  Returning to the committee are:-

President:  James Mardon
Vice President:  Bill Vallance
Secretary:  Denise Foote
Committee Members:  Garry Brell, George Harris, Doug Cox

We welcome our newly elected committee members:

Treasurer:  Steve Tsimos
Committee Members:  Alan McGirvan, Pam Holley

The Committee would like to echo the resolution of the meeting in thanking departing Treasurer Jan Proctor for her tireless and effective role as Treasurer to the Association over many years.

The next big event will be the Rates Rally at the Concert Hall on 29th March – see you there.

One response to “Welcome to new committee members at the AGM

  1. Congratulations Doug the website looks great

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