Work site for canal revetment wall rectification work

Here are some of George’s pictures taken at previous work sites in Raby Bay

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2 responses to “Work site for canal revetment wall rectification work

  1. There is no doubt that repair works of the revetment walls are required, but why council at all may consider to put the work site and barge landing in the park just off Shore Street and take away the board walk is beyond belief.
    If this goes ahead after all the protests so far I suggest we shall be sueing the council for damaging our canal and park areas, let alone the devaluation of our properties.
    O. Jacobsen

  2. Well done to you for getting this works area stopped.
    But now it looks like it is to be sent down to the south side of the Raby Air Sea Rescue.
    It has been reported that as well as a work site it will also have a rock breaking machine in it as well.
    Can you please contact me with your suggestions as to how we can get this disgusting idea moved to a more suitable area.
    I have spoken to Mr Ogilvie about this and his attitude is it is not as bad as we think, and it has to go somewhere.
    Look forward to hearing from you, i live in Raby bay Blvd No 15, mob 0413052030.

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