Welcome to the Website of the Raby Bay Ratepayers’ Association Inc. Access to this website is unrestricted.  Its purpose is to provide a vehicle for announcements, information about status of activities, and as a venue for members to share views, provide information, and to give assistance to the initiatives of the Association on their behalf.

The site is not moderated, so please ensure that all contributions are appropriate.

Officebearers of the Association

James Mardon – President
Bill Vallance – Vice-President
Denise Foote – Secretary
Steve Tsimos – Treasurer

One response to “About

  1. Firstly your article about the legality of councils is incorrect. it correctly mentions the Australian Constitution but ignores the Queensland Constitution which does allow for local councils.
    However that is not the main reason for contacting your Assoc. I refer to the article in todays Redland City Bulletin about storm surge levels in Raby Bay. I have not read the Cardno report but I don’t have to. They like the council and the State Gov’t are working from erroneous figures a fact I can support. I rely on studies done by Professor Tom Hardy at the James Cook University Disaster Studies Unit who are the recognised experts in this field. In actual fact based on a 1 in 100 year storm surge and allowing for a 800mm rise in sea levels the surge will go to just RL 2.41 a vastly different figure and threat than used by Cardno’s.
    If you would like to contact me you can do so by email to brianpaddison85@gmail.com. By the way I am a retired Civil Engineer. who has battled Redland council on these storm surge issues over a number of years and have several P & E Court wins over council to my credit.

    brian paddison

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