Mail to:      PO Box 5062 Alexandra Hills, Qld. 4161



4 responses to “Contact

  1. Heinz and Kathleen Dietze

    Hello George! Heinz and I tried to post a comment a couple of hours ago about the proposed site by the RCC at the park by the Middle Street bridge. Somehow I have lost what we wrote because I had chosen the wrong option to send it and now I can’t find it. Grrrh! Any idea as to how I may retrieve it? Kind regards. Kathy & Heinz

  2. phylida st onge

    Hi Fellow Raby Bay residents,
    Could you help with a problem we are having.
    We now have a huge 110 foot super yacht sitting at the bottom of our garden. Its a huge over site on the part of the developers of the community as some sort of restriction should have been put on what you can have on your pontoon. Rivergate is available to owners of such vessels, this is a residential development not a commercial Marina . Sorry to go on.
    however I would like to get some guidance as to how to tackle this issue . We have spoken to the owners son who has tried to help but there is no compromise as far as we are concerned this SHIP has to go.

    Kind Regards.
    Phylida St Onge
    21 Seahaven CRT Cleveland

  3. Hello, who do you contact for rubush collection in the canals?

  4. Hi,

    This year’s Lagos Women Run is in 2 categories, the Open category for runners who are 18 years old to age 44 yrs, and the Veteran category for runners who are 45 years and about.

    The winner in the Open category will get N500, 000, while the Veteran champion will get N200k …….

    Find out more here..

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