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  1. Rod Powell the engineer from Redland City Council who deals with our canal infraqstructure is preparing a guide for canal residents to assist in maintaining the health of our canal walls.It will feature items such as being alert for swimming pool and drainage leaks and not putting additional loads on the concrete retaining wall.If you have seen the inconvenience of having your wall rebuilt you will be keen to look after yours as best possible even aside from the fact that every wall repair effects what our levy will be next year!!Post your suggestions for Rod’s document here.

  2. Hi Bill and Rod
    As I understood it the original engineering diagnosis for the canal wall failures was it was occuring where bunds were inplace during each stage of the canals construction. The theory being, that when these bunds were removed to allow water into the various canal sections the wall constuction in these sections was especially poor. Do you know is there evidence to support this and if so have any preventative measures been actioned by Council in an attempt to prevent failures in these sections? I find it hard to believe that even the worst pool leak could cause a properly constructed and engineered canal wall to fail. To me such suggestions are simply an attempt to provide Councillors with the sort of justification they need for the continuance of the canal levy. I am interested in any thoughts you may have on this and hope this can promote some discussion.

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