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  1. Canal Rubbish

    Council was asked 3 weeks ago to undertake an inspection at the end of canal walls regarding the buildup of rubbish that has accumulated. This was agreed to by council & an assurance given that a cleanup would be arranged to be carried out.

    To date there has been no result. Your levy includes canal cleaning. If you are dissatisfied with the state of the canals, voice your objection & telephone council to lodge a complaint. We may then get some action.

    Denise Foote – Secretary.

  2. Hi Denise
    The council has been planting numerous gum trees in the Foreshore Park. As you know, I prefer the gum trees although I certainly do not wish the park to be inundated by gum trees. I would also like the pine trees to be removed as the gums are planted. Most of these pines are in poor health anyway and they do little to add to the park, in that they are messy, don’t provide shade, block views and kids climb them like a ladder to dangerous heights. Gums on the other hand will provide shade and their higher canopy does not obstruct views to the same degree. As it seem council is plantng gums anyway, lets request they remove the old trees at thte same time. Hope this promotes some discussion.

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